Truffle-ized are we?

Editor’s note: Nipun is the Truffle's PR guy, he is the one who tells heartfelt stories about Truffle to the world. In this article, Nipun talks about his experiences with two of our users.

Have you been Truffle-ized yet? Hearing these words at Café Ladro in Queen Anne made me smile and brought a sense of proudness regarding Truffle. After all, how often is it you run into your users who just love the concept and are willingly beating the drums of success. I just couldn’t stop myself and introduced myself to two friends Marie and Ashley who were having a conversation about Truffle. 

Marie mentioned she had been using Truffle for about two weeks and has already met 2 people during this timeframe. She mentioned that Truffle made her life really easy by allowing her to talk with people she liked in-person. She also complemented on the fact that Truffle partners with well known local cafes (known as Truffle meet-up spots), which provided a sense of safety, especially when meeting someone for the first time.  

I brought this feedback to the Truffle team and they were filled with joy. After all, Truffle is about connecting people and we made it happen! This incident led us to survey Truffle customers who are also part of sites like and to determine how often are they meeting people in-person.  What we found was a head-turner. Truffle users have about a 55% higher chance of meeting someone in person in the first attempt compared to leading online dating sites. Not only they have a higher chance to meet, they save 100% of the time creating and perfecting their profiles. You just upload the picture of who you are and you are done!

So folks, let’s take an oath. “I’ll not waste my time in the virtual world, I’ll rather go out and meet people” Let me be Truffle-ized!