Our first $10

March 22 - 2013, I for the first time understood the importance of 10$. 

We launched Truffle in Seattle in March. http://www.truffle.io/ 

100 users signed up, 10 date invitations were extended. 

Every day, I used to log in admin mode to see if there was any accepted dates.

By the way, every accepted date, Truffle charges the initiator $10.

I woke up one morning and went directly to Stripe.

Hold and behold, Stripe dashboard was showing a sparkling $9.41 as the "next transfer".

I think all I remember was that I jumped off my bed and called Gordon/Agatha/Chenyu (Truffle co-founders). Pretty sure all they hear was 10$ and nothing else but I guess they realized what I was saying. 

10$ is nothing. Even a lunch in Seattle cost around 11$ plus taxes. 

So why was I so happy

0. Someone bought our vision.

1. Don't know why but it felt as if these $10 > amazon salary


Truffle (http://www.truffle.io is simple dating platform for working professionals. Come start something lovely with Truffle.