Let's start a conversation at a coffee shop and take it further

I love coffee shops. I've made many friends, got introduced to my marketing wizard through a barista and most important of all, I met my girlfriend at a coffee shop. The love of coffee shops is probably the reason behind our tag line at Truffle - We make 2 people meet over a cup of coffee.

Anyhow, below is first of the series of stories where I'll talk about how I took a conversation at the coffee shop further. 

Flash back to June last year!

I like this girl sitting at a table beside me and she seemed to be talking about startups with couple of people. Interestingly, she seemed to have started her own.

I have got a lethal point to start the conversation.

I am waiting till she is done with her conversation. Finally after an hour, they started leaving. Coincidently, she is the last one to leave.

5 second rule! If you don't act now, you'll never get to talk to her.

I ask "Hey, do you own a startup?"

I said "own" not "work"!

She said "Yeah, do you as well?"

Have your pitch ready. After the pitch, make sure you ask a follow-up question about your startup.

I told her about Truffle and asked what she thought of offline dating. We chatted for about 10 mins.

Evolve a habit of asking questions. It doesn't just help with girls but in general will make you an interesting person to talk to.

Turns out she has a boyfriend! That's ok, I got to meet a new person. We exchanged emails and went our ways. We ran into each other a couple of times later at the same coffee shop. 

Try to make one coffee shop your base. People will recognize that you are a regular and remember you.

After some months, I  asked her about getting dinner sometime in the next week.

Always have a place/time ready when you invite someone for a meeting. Decisive people usually end up with more dates.

Don't even think about flirting on your first meeting. First, you are breaking the bro-code (she has a boyfriend) and second it will just put her off. 

Ask her if you can walk her home. Gather some gentleman points.

During one of our conversations, she brought a new startup idea she was thinking of, I extended my help.

Whether it's a girl or a guy, helping fellow entrepreneurs is always a sweet thing.

So things took a wide turn and she had a break up. I didn't know about it until she told me at a dinner that I invited her to, with my friends. 

Pro point : Always good to include new friends if you are having dinner with your older friends.

After about a week from then, I asked her out for a dinner again, without the friends. She said yes and I guess that was our first date.

I said guess because I was not sure if it was a date but I'll tell the other half of the story in the next post soon. Oh, and if you are reading this article in a coffee shop, go ahead... start a conversation with the person sitting beside you.  

Truffle Your first coffee date is on us :)