Keep it Simple

Some companies do one thing and they do it right.

Southwest Airlines use only Boeing 737s

Apple has historically tightly controlled it's product line up.

These companies are profitable not just because they offer fewer choices but internally they have to maintain even fewer processes.   

You have Boeing 737, you just need to train your engineers on one model of Boeing. You save maintenance cost in the long run.

You have distinguishable product lines, people have less confusion. Less confusion drives product sales. 

At Truffle, we have a mantra and we call it "Start with a coffee".  Below are few things that we have gained by following our strict do one thing and do it right policy.

We only have to choose cafes as our meeting spots. Save time for us in establishing relationship with businesses. 

Coffee is light weight. It help us in lowering down the barrier for an in person meetup.

There is only one action to take on Truffle

You like someone, you ask her/him for a coffee.

All it takes is a coffee.