Break the pattern

Wake up, gym, shower, cereals, walk, amazon, sit, lunch, feature, complete, production, walk, home, cafe, truffle, talk, smile, home, reddit, sleep 

And I have been repeating the above cycle every day for the past 3 years

Woke up today, looked outside, and the weather was awesome.

Decided to take a day off from Amazon.

Thought of working on truffle at Cafe Ladro (I love their Lattes)

So with my thoughts I started walking down to the cafe via Seattle Center... saw the fountain, sat down on a bench. Couple of things happened.

- Seattle Center Fountain is beautiful

- Seattle center has free wifi so you can sit anywhere and work

- Small small kids are so darn cute

- People from Dubai have an amazing american accent.

- A mom of 4 kids can seriously multitask. Feeding, towels, kisses, love, phone, happy.

From time to time we need to break away from our day to day lives and just enjoy our surroundings. I am not sure if I learnt anything from this detour but one thing is for sure I am happy.

Break away from online dating - meet someone in person!