Small businesses help each other

My friend Victoria makes delicious vegan chocolates, her chocolates are one of the few desserts that I include whenever I throw a party.

After every party, she see a bump in her sales since my friends end up ordering. 

Fast forward to a month back, I posted Truffle's launch in Seattle on facebook.

Victoria picked up my status and shared it on her wall. We got a 10 female sign ups (1 female user = 3 male users on a dating website).

This seems a very small number but these 10 sign ups will add up to a million.

I guess thats why Silicon Valley is one of the good places to start a business, every one is dependent on each other's success.

Truffle will be making more connections with small business starting with the local cafes in Seattle.

Ok thanks for reading. 

Going back to spread some more love!

Oh by the way, if you live in Seattle, you should totally give these delicacies a try.

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